Talking About Race: A Workbook

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NOW 2014 Conference Photos! Enjoy!

    1. Big crowd for the late morning plenary on Strength in Diversity! #now14 #human #feminism
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    1. Jihane Bergaoui ‏@jbergaoui  Jun 27
      @NationalNOW #NOW14 Plenary on Strength in Diversity
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Henry White and Kaolin speaking at Holyoke Community College in the Fall

Henry White and I will be speaking at Holyoke Community College about systemic racism in small liberal towns pre-launching of our book on the subject, Wednesday Oct, 1, 2014 11-12:30 pm. Hope you will be able to join us!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

National Organization for Women Conference 2014: Feminism Strength in Diversity June 27-29, 2014 Albuquerque, New Mexico

The National Organization Conference (NOW) for Women was spectacular!

It was an honor to be Keynote Plenary Speaker on White Privilege.

Along with Desiree Jordan, moderated by Coline Jenkins we ran a workshop.

Here is a description of what our workshop entailed:

The Spirit of Change: Working the Racial Equality Muscle
In the spirit of change we want to discuss the resistance one has to talking about race. We understand family-of-origin issues such as incest, often interfere in the process of healing which can impact one’s ability and willingness to remain mindful of white privilege. We will address the effect this has on activism, policy and how one can influence & accelerate change in these areas. We’ll discuss the ‘bystander syndrome’ & demonstrate how you might stand up and out when confrontation is necessary to make your position on racial equality clear in your circle. You will form a ‘solid identity’ that gives you the knowledge & ability to transform the meaning of whiteness, therefore becoming a game-changer where racism is concerned.
Moderator: Coline Jenkins
Panelists: Desiree Jordan and Kaolin
Take a look at the amazing speakers who spoke at the conference. Everyone left inspired and ready to return to the work ahead of us!

Thank you to NOW for the incredibly important work they are doing. 

And to all the attendees for being so responsive to fostering racial equality in their lives today!