Talking About Race: A Workbook

Friday, February 28, 2014

For White Womyn who were subjected to family-of-origin abuse/s and wonder if or how they might be able to join with other race-workers in our effort to dismantle racism: “It is through a form of recognition/connection, identity/memory crisis and moments of exclusion, that each of us can formally and relentlessly continue to recognize and validate the crisis of racism and the perpetual assault of poc/woc whose lives are always threatened and rendered useless, irrelevant, worthless no matter their age … Most all women are born into families-in-crisis. We can and do take aspects of those crisis with us but my faith in white womyn in particular, where racism is concerned, lies in the fact that we can (and many do) take that crisis along with the transcendent value within it and relate it back to the larger group of womyn-in-crisis with fortitude, grace and knowledge in order to elevate and insert our love, strength and courage with regard to the inner and exterior work of fostering racial equality in our own lives, every day. It is thru the kinds of responses many of you write to me and the kind of stories you tell me about yourself, that WE CAN, WE DO and WE WILL continue to break through the which binds us all in a myriad of confusion, pain, abuse, despair, isolation, loneliness and rage.” ~ Kaolin, Talking About Race: A Workbook about White People Fostering Racial Equality in Their Lives Do keep sending me emails about your life along with any questions you might have about how to integrate your desire to foster racial equality with your self-care plan/work having survived early childhood and pre-adolescent trauma within your family-of-origin. Thank you! KAOLINLTAR@COMCAST.NET

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kaolin, is one of the Judges for the 2014 Quality of Life Innovations Program (QLI)! Working In Support of Education (WISE) 2014 Scholars Competition. This program asks NYC high school students to choose, research a real world "quality of life" issue and then to develop a feasible recommendation to resolve their issue. Students submit their proposal that is entered into a scholarship competition. Follow this link: for more information.